Explanations of the Challenges

It seems that the challenges were well received by the community!  We broke a record for how many views the website achieved when they were released, and we hope you all had some fun trying to beat the game and challenge yourselves.  Here is a little explanation of why we chose these certain challenges.

The challenges were designed to give direction to players who are not sure where to take their game.  There are infinite directions that players can take their freestyle, and we believe that if there is a reliable and well built foundation that players can excel.

:The starter challenges were fairly simple to come up with.  From kicks to stalls and knee bumps, there are not a huge amount of options at the early stages.

The ambitious challenges were meant to provide a transition to more difficult concepts that the early stages were not introduced to.  There are uptime sets only in the second half of the ambitious section leading with pixie and stepping and following up with atomic on challenge nineteen.

The extreme section is meant to challenge the players who have been playing for many years and need suggestions of new difficult concepts to master.  Many pro players have trouble with the tricks in this section.

The elite trick, scorpion’s tail swirl, was supposed to help promote the continual learning experience of footbag and really pull the top freestylers out of the bunch.  Nemesis could have also been here, but that would have been too easy.  😉

We hope to release some updated challenges in the future.  We hope to see you trying these in your strings eventually!!  Have fun.