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How can I learn Hacky Sack tricks?

A: You may want to read the Vasek Klouda Manual: How to Footbag, available on our website HERE.

After seeing the YouTube videos from the blog many new players are inspired to learn Hacky Sack tricks or “Hack” Tricks. To this we say: “Awesome!” You are already on your way, and unlike some people who say, “I could never do that,” you’ve started with a positive, optimistic attitude. Keep in mind that nearly all of the players from our blog videos including Vasek Klouda, Jim Penkse, Allan Haggett, and Freedom Footbags’ owner Daryl Genz have spent literally thousands of hours practicing, but the joy is in the journey.

We know that the best way to get good at anything is “Practice, practice, practice.” Yet there is far more to the answer than merely practicing. Unless you are practicing with the proper form, equipment, and attitude you are probably wasting your time and will likely get severely discouraged and possibly injured in the process. Our first recommendation would be to learn the language: The sport is actually called “Footbag,” not Hacky Sack, and while there are many different “street names” for various tricks, for consistency we use those that have been officially adopted by the International Footbag Player’s Association (IFPA, a non-profit organization to whom we donate a percentage of our profits from this site).

In this video Phil Morrison offers a good introduction to footbag:

If you are ready to get started make sure you have mastered the basic kicks. Here is another good video to help you learn the basics.

When you are ready to learn the tricks you can order the Tricks of the Trade dvd or search for more instructional videos on youtube or vimeo. Here are a few instructional videos created by Freedom Footbags and Lovely Productions featuring the 2012 US champion, Jim Penske: Watch Now on Youtube!

Get the right equipment!
Watch instructional videos!
Connect with the footbag community!
Practice, Practice, Practice!