Freedom’s Next Moves

Nick is currently working on promoting his current company using footbag and juggling.  He had an ‘audition’ today which he dominated in, and he has a meeting with the marketing manager of the company next Monday to determine what the next move is.

Red, the Fourkast man himself, has booked Evan a paid show at a local performing arts building in downtown Boise.  New Years Jam in Detroit is right around the corner; the second and third of the new year.  Freedom will be representing at the tournament by sending Evan, The Silencer, to the event.

In other news, there are now 8 footbags stitched by players which are available on this site!  With our good standings in the community, we are able to offer them at lower prices than our competitors!  We hope that you enjoy our products; brought to you by the players, for the players.