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Harness your inner flow with a Hania bag, the ultimate glory, and reach your top-level potential.  You get what you pay for with this perfect freestyle gem.

Weight:61g Diameter:1.88in



32-panel Haniabag regular – The most popular among professional freestyle players.   Great for all footbag endeavors.

Each and every one is handmade by Hanna Mickiewicz, a freestyle footbag player, with attention paid to every detail of the sewing process. Thanks to her reliable “three-stitch” method they are durable, round and easy to control while kicking in a circle, or trying freestyle tricks.

Using a strong thread and consistent gather allows me to ensure that the bag will stay round and won’t break even from strong kicks. All Haniabags are made from synthetic suede – a soft and slightly elastic material.

diameter: 4.5-5.0 cm
weight: 60g
filler: non-toxic steel shot
fabric: synthetic suede

Colors will vary.

Please note, that freestyle bags must be taken care of properly. Always pick them up with your hand, not your feet. The bags are great for both freestyle and kicking, but the life of the bag will be shortened if all you do is kick.