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  • Bringing Out the Shred (BOTS): DVD

    NOW IN STOCK and on SALE!

    Freedom Footbags is proud to bring you the what is unquestionably the best footbag video to date. It’s not a just shred video… It’s not just a movie… It’s Bringing Out the Shred.

    Bringing Out the Shred

    This DVD is the culmination of a massive undertaking of hundreds of hours of work by the top Finnish video producers and world-class Finnish footbag players.
    This trailer gives you a good idea of the flavor of this awesome short film:


    Note that this film was made in Finland. Unless you speak Finish you will have to read the English subtitles.

    The actual running time for this short film is 38 minutes, but don’t worry there are lots of extras, including several full sections of professionally edited, super clear quality, ridiculously good shred. The full running time is over 90 minutes and includes (in addition to shred):

    • Commentary in Finnish
    • ‘Making of’ clip
    • Blooper reel
    • Deleted scenes and combos

    If you’d like to see what others have said about this DVD, you can read two in depth reviews here (third post down):

    Link to reviews

    Get your copy now!


    Price: $14.99

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  • Tricks of the Trade: DVD

    Directed by: Kenny Shults
    Run time: Approx. 40 minutes
    © 1991 Kenny Shults, World Footbag Association

    Before you purchase any other footbag video, you need this
    one.  This essential footbag video explores far beyond the realm of basic kicks and takes you on an adventure into the heart of freestyle footbag.

    TTI provides detailed, step-by-step, slow motion instruction for over 40 freestyle tricks from the simplest “1 add” (or one point) tricks up to many of the most common “4 add” tricks in freestyle today.

    The esteemed “Enforcer” Mr. Kenny Shults (considered by most players to be the Father of Freestyle Footbag and the inventor of many of the tricks on this video) personally demonstrates each trick multiple times from up to three different camera angles. Kenny also gives detailed voice-over descriptions, tips, and secrets on every move.

    Don’t waste your time reinventing the wheel – get Tricks of the
    Trade today!


    Price: $22.00

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  • Tricks of the Trade II

    © 2002 Kenny Shults, World Footbag Association
    Run time: Approx. 90 minutes

    Are you ready to take your game to the next level?  The sequel to Tricks of the Trade (Volume 1) is here!

    The first part of this two-part video consists of approximately 30 minutes of historical footbag footage including classic routines from past World Championship tournaments.  The second part is devoted to an in depth exploration of the various trick families (or types of tricks).  There are over 125 tricks in all, and the mysteries of common trick families such as quantum, blurry, atomic, stepping, and ducking are revealed.  Under the direction of Kenny Shults, 15 of the most accomplished shredders in the world (including Kenny himself and Freedom Footbags owner Daryl Genz) demonstrate the tricks in their particular ‘family’ of expertise.  Like TOTT-1, this video provides detailed, slow motion shots of each trick.  Watch closely.  Practice, practice, practice, and soon you too will be making footbag history.


    Price: $22.00

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