Why Play Footbag?


It’s healthy.  Footbag intertwines the body and mind.
Everything begins with thought. The stronger your mind is, the stronger your life will be.

Do you ever get bored of running? Footbag is a fun physical activity. It’s so much easier to get fit when you’re having fun instead of forcing yourself to do it.

It is inexpensive.  There are only two pieces of equipment:  shoes and a footbag. A high quality bag or two will last you for several years if you treat it right and don’t let your dog eat it.

You can shred by yourself or play at a party.  Most players agree that it is more fun to play with a group for maximum fun, but it can be a meditative activity as well.

There is no real end.  Footbag is limitless which means that it will never get boring.  There are still tricks being invented today. You could name tricks or combos if you invent them! You can go as far down the rabbit hole as you desire.