New World Champion!

For fifteen years the European footbag scene has been persevered against North American opposition. This year our very own Evan “The Silencer” Gatesman has toppled the great tower and made history as the first North American since Ryan Mulroney in 2001 to win routines at the IFPA World Footbag Championships! Congratulations to Evan! Shred on!

Bag Stats

We have been thinking of ways to improve our website, and we came to the conclusion that we wanted you to have more physical details about our footbags, so we now offer the approximate weight and diameter of our bags so that you can compare them and narrow down your footbag search. Enjoy! =)

Explanations of the Challenges

It seems that the challenges were well received by the community!  We broke a record for how many views the website achieved when they were released, and we hope you all had some fun trying to beat the game and challenge yourselves.  Here is a little explanation of why we chose these certain challenges. The Read More …

The Weight of the Whirl – Bag Statistics

There have been some questions about which bags might be the best to choose, so we’ve decided to solve this by adding some bag statistics which might help kickers decide which bag to choose based on approximate measurements of weight and diameter.  The upcoming patch should be ready to roll by Summer.  Shred on!


Nick and Evan were commissioned in late December to perform freestyle footbag yesterday at JUMP along side of stilted jugglers from the local juggling club. Jack’s Urban Meeting Place is “a not-for-profit, interactive creative center and community gathering place in the heart of downtown Boise.” The show went swimmingly as they performed for attendees at Read More …

Freedom’s Next Moves

Nick is currently working on promoting his current company using footbag and juggling.  He had an ‘audition’ today which he dominated in, and he has a meeting with the marketing manager of the company next Monday to determine what the next move is. Red, the Fourkast man himself, has booked Evan a paid show at Read More …